Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vodafone HTC One, from Friday to for 600 euros

With the launch of the new HTC One the Taiwanese company has initially caused a lot of attention, which now has to take advantage of course, because the Galaxy S4 will not be very long in coming and is already on 15 March will be officially presented. Vodafone is the HTC One therefore bring already this Friday in four shops in a presale at the man.

Vodafone HTC One already sold starting Friday in four stores

In the four shops in Berlin Kranzlereck, Zeil Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg Schildergasse Mönckebergstreet Vodafone will sell the devices for 600 euros each. A contract does not have to be booked. Anyone who wants to can do so, however, and thus rely on the installment payment, which is expected to hit almost 25 euros.

The E-Plus Base daughter will also offer the HTC One, but only from 15 March. Here is an installment payment of 24 times will be 25 euros, plus a one-time payment of 49 euros. O2 offers the new HTC One also on via monthly installments, however, requires a total of 661 Euro (EUR 27.50 for 24 months and 1 euro deposit). The German Telekom has not yet indicated.

Samsung Galaxy S4 steal attention

The whole thing is tricky in the coming month, as soon as his Samsung Galaxy S4 presents, the focus will be on the Android flagship of the competitors. HTC must therefore hasten the sale and pick up as many customers as possible on board.

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